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Garra Fútbol is a soccer game like the ones from the old days, when realism gave way to pure enjoyment, and in which the important thing wasn't licenses or names of real players, but just simply to enjoy playing.

In Garra Fútbol, you'll find various game modes that will allow you to play both friendly matches and tournaments. You can even play along with a friend on the same computer, using the same keyboard. This is simple thanks to the fact that you only need to use two buttons: shoot and pass.

Once you start to play, you'll notice that the gameplay is similar to other games such as Nintendo World Cup, with a simple control of the players and the possibility to make 'super shots.' However, the best part of Garra Fútbol is that you can make passes, individual plays, crossing passes, long shots, swerve around the goalkeeper ... everything, and without complications.

Garra Fútbol is a really fun soccer game with aesthetics that are more similar to Super Nintendo or Megadrive than anything else. It's a great game for those who of us who truly love the sport of soccer.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386

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